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Living in Canada? Do you have a UK pension plan?
We can help you to transfer the pension plan, avoid a potential tax liability and grow it faster.

Transfer of UK Pensions Now Possible
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Transfer of UK Pensions Now Possible

You now live in Canada but you still have money invested in a UK pension fund?

Take control! Bring your money to Canada and:

       avoid a potential tax liability avoid a potential tax liability

learn more about the benefits

       avoid exchange risks avoid exchange risks

       grow your pension faster grow your pension faster

       gain flexibility in your retirement options gain flexibility in your retirement options

       simplify your pension administration simplify your pension administration

       get Automatic Spousal Rollover get Automatic Spousal Rollover

Don't delay - it's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Click here to get started.

You may think that a pension is something that can be put off until later - but the opportunity to take control and bring the investment to Canada, tax effectively, may not last forever. In fact pension / tax legislation seems to be changing all the time. There is currently a window of opportunity - don't miss it. Don't be at the mercy of tax changes and currency fluctuations. Act today and lock in the benefits - Click here to get started.

We are presenting a series of FREE, no obligation seminars to explain how easy it is to take control of your pension fund investment. Industry experts will be on hand to answer any questions and to outline a terrific range of investment options open to you to help grow your pension funds faster. Click here to sign up.

We are currently only able to bring Occupational Pension Plans to Canada. We are not aware of a tax-effective way to bring UK Personal Pension Plans across (we are working on a solution but the tax code is complex and we have been unable to get a clear, general ruling from Revenue Canada). Signing our petition might help. If, like us, you feel aggrieved that US Individual Retirement Accounts are allowed but, despite their similarity, UK Personal Plans are not, click here to sign the petition.

If you need to buy Canadian dollars in exchange for pounds sterling, a small improvement in the exchange rate can make a big difference to the amount you receive. We can help you find competitive rates or lock in an attractive rate for regular payments such as a company or state pension. Please Contact Us.

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